Security Assessments

Vulnerability, Compliance, and Penetration Testing

Fireloft is a full service security provider with knowledge and experience in identifying weaknesses in poorly designed systems, including internal and external networks, web and desktop applications, and the processes that run your organization.

Vulnerability Scans

Scan your organizations internal and external networks for any known vulnerabilities providing you with a comprehensive report of findings, along with recommended remediation actions.

Compliance Scans

You have standards and best practices in place, but what good are they if they are not being implemented? We can scan your workstations, servers and network devices to ensure they are in compliance to your chosen best practices.

Penetration Testing

Through physical, network, and social engineering testing we will attempt to access sensitive information which could be used in a hack attempt. These tests may be performed onsite, afterhours, in person or over phone and email.

Secure Code Review

Secure code review describes the process of reviewing a system's source code to ensure security controls are present and working correctly throughout the system. Our secure code review will help ensure your software does not contain security flaws or other weaknesses that could be exploited.

Web Application Assessment

We can scan your web application for any vulnerabilities, in addition to auditing the configuration of your web application server.

Find out how we can help secure your organization, and your data.