ASP Bridge

Bridging the gap between Classic ASP and .NET

What is ASP Bridge?

ASP Bridge brings the power of .NET to existing Classic ASP applications.

Build Hybrid Applications

ASP Bridge allows Classic ASP and .NET code to co-exist and work together in the same web application.

Build applications with all the power of .NET while utilizing your existing Classic ASP code, without any of the hassles or limitations of COM.

Call .NET from Classic ASP

ASP Bridge lets you call .NET code directly from Classic ASP. There’s no need to create special COM wrappers or register components; you can reference assemblies directly from your Classic ASP application’s \bin folder (or any other location you choose), just like ASP.NET.

Access Classic ASP server objects from .NET

ASP Bridge provides full access to the native Classic ASP server objects (Server, Session, Request, and Response) right from native .NET code. Read session or application variables, set headers, or send responses directly from .NET.

Access .NET assemblies from Classic ASP

ASP Bridge allows you to access your own (or 3rd party) .NET assemblies directly from your Classic ASP application, without any need to register your assemblies with COM. ASP Bridge monitors your \bin folder for any changes (without locking files), so any updates are available to Classic ASP instantly.

Call Classic ASP code from .NET

ASP Bridge lets you call ASP code directly from .NET. Call existing functions, pass strings to execute directly to the Classic ASP execution engine, or even include entire Classic ASP pages, right from native .NET code.

Access the .NET Framework from Classic ASP

ASP Bridge allows direct access to the .NET Base Class Library, allowing your existing Classic ASP applications to take advantage of the full power of .NET without requiring any conversion or migration.

Call code in your App_Code folder directly from Classic ASP

ASP Bridge will automatically compile any code found within your \App_Data folder and make this code available for use by Classic ASP. ASP Bridge monitors this folder for any changes (without locking files), so any updates are available to Classic ASP instantly.

Enjoy Modern Tools

ASP Bridge brings a powerful, modern toolset of diagnostics, monitoring, profiling, and deployment features to legacy Classic ASP applications.

ASP Bridge can detect any unhandled script error in your Classic ASP application and record complete diagnostic information for investigation. ASP Bridge offers logging, reporting, and alerting of errors. ASP Bridge can provide enhanced logging and performance profiling of your Classic ASP application. Choose to monitor all requests or create custom profiles to monitor. ASP Bridge can monitor all calls to ADODB, providing logging and performance monitoring. Typical performance issues such as duplicate queries or multiple connections can be detected and flagged for review. ASP Bridge can optionally compile existing Classic ASP applications into a single .NET assembly, allowing for simple deployment and enhanced protection of intellectual property.

  • Capture unhandled errors
  • Profile your database calls
  • Profile your Classic ASP application
  • Deploy your Classic ASP applications as compiled assemblies