Fireloft Application Hosting

Your applications. Our Cloud.

We bring all the applications you use today to the cloud. Let us manage the maintenance of your infrastructure and safeguard your data, while you continue to use your existing applications the way you always have.

Why Use Application Hosting?

It's Easier

Applications appear to be installed on your own computer, just like normal, so there’s nothing new to learn. In fact, your applications actually run entirely within our secure infrastructure, so you won’t need to worry about configuration, application updates, or crashes. There’s nothing to install, and all maintenance is handled automatically by Fireloft.

It's Safer

All your data remains safe in our highly secure and reliable cloud storage. We take care of all backups, anti-virus, security permissions, and everything else. There’s no risk of losing data due to hardware failure, losing a laptop, or saving a document in the wrong place. We even offer the ability to restore old versions of your files in case you accidentally overwrite or delete important information.

It's Faster

When you run your applications in our environment, even older or cheaper computers will be quick and responsive. Our powerful servers will run your applications faster than a typical workstation, preventing frustration and bringing a new level of efficiency to your company.

It's Everywhere

Application hosting works with any normal Internet connection, so you can use it anywhere. Need remote access? Simply connect to our cloud environment from any computer, and all your files and applications will be waiting for you. We even support mobile devices, so you can work from your phone or tablet.

Getting Started

Moving to our environment is quick, safe, and easy! Here’s how:


Let Us Know Which Applications You Use

We support nearly any software that works on Windows. You can either provide us with the software (and licenses) to install, or we can take care of all that for you.


Give Us Your Data

We’ll take care of migrating all of your existing files and data into our cloud, promptly and securely.


Connect to us

If your computer is running Windows 7 or higher, you already have everything you need to connect to our environment. All your applications will appear on your Start menu, and you’ll be able to get to work right away. If you’d like to connect from a Mac or mobile device, you’ll just need to install one app from your device’s app store.

We can perform most migrations in a single day, and we’re happy to schedule your migration during a weekend to avoid any disruption to your business.

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